Semi-Private Training


Our flagship offering, Strength Training is designed to build stronger bodies. With custom goal setting, and personal training attention, each client defines the form they want their strength to take. The class cycles through different phases of strength training, lifting, and self care.

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Brooklyn Athletic Club owner Larry Betz is on a mission to build indestructible bodies. His Performance Training class delivers on this vision by enhancing strength, power, and mobility. Strength training, accessory work, and high intensity training come together to make you your most physically resilient.

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A holistic, gymnastic approach to strength training, our sessions build agility, mobility, and athleticism. Through movement patterns, gymnastic progressions, and mobility sequences, your own bodyweight is used to naturally condition a stronger self.

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Small group training

Circuit - Foundations

Our Foundation Circuit Training is the perfect introduction to Brooklyn Athletic Club. A cross section of strength training elements and conditioning, this full-body workout is designed to acquaint you with our equipment, practices, and approach.

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Advanced Circuit Training explores both traditional and non-conventional resistance training to advanced strength and fat loss. Building upon the techniques in the Foundations class, our this class increases in speed, intensity, and multi-directional mobility.

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Build is designed to build muscle mass through core muscle group concentration. Each class focuses on a unique body area with machine and free-weight instruction. If you’ve ever stood in the gym and wished a trainer was there to tell you what to do and how to do it, then this is your new favorite class.

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Pure Kettlebell

Led by an actual Kettlebell Sport world champion, Pure Kettlebell focuses on movement, mobility, and strength through dynamic ballistic kettlebell lifting as well as proper techniques for self-care. While the instructor may be a champ, this class is open to all levels.

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High Intensity Interval Training. Not your average cardio, these hardcore classes will keep your heart rate up in constant ebbing intervals. Each trainer programs their own specific variety, but Bravo’s Beatdown edition comes highly recommended - if you think you can survive it.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a chance to train with the Northside Lifting Club, our competitive weightlifting team. Get a feel for weightlifting at the highest level or compete with the club. No experience necessary to join. (90m)

Learn more about the team here.

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Yoga Pilates Fitness


Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. While the word stretch is in the name, this is not a stretching class, but a challenging mobility workout. If you’re training hard in any of the other classes you should be doing Kinstretch.

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Restorative Yoga

Get your deep, slow stretch on. This practice develops flexibility and relaxation using breath, gravity, and props to ease restriction, relieve tension, and revitalize body - mind balance.

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Alignment Hatha Yoga

A bridge between fundamentals and advanced practice, this sixty minute class enhances physical and mental wellness. Introducing a wider variety of isometric-based, alignment-focused poses, you’ll build strength and endurance while relieving physical pain and mental stress.

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Vinyasa Yoga

A challenging and dynamic Vinyasa Flow class that combines strength building exercises with deep stretching guided by conscious breathe. An emphasis on presence and engagement in the class to encourage mental clarity; this practice will build balance and flexibility resulting in a satisfying zen.

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Contemporary Mat Pilates

Different mixes of contemporary pilates, functional movement, conditioning, and stretching. We will start by getting breath and blood flowing to build strength and endurance, and end the class with a focus on flexibility, balance, and calm.

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BAC Burn

BAC Burn will boost your power, speed, and endurance through quick tempo interval training. Based on functional movements and using mostly bodyweight, 45 minutes of this fun group cardio class is all you need to feel the burn. If you're extra motivated, combine with one of our Definition classes right before or after! (45m)

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Single focus fitness classes dedicating to muscle toning and definition. Using weights, bands, and bodyweight, sculpt an enviable physique one muscle group at a time. (30m)

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