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Ultimate Sandbag- DVRT Workshop Saturday, July 9th 1PM-6PM


Not Fitness Equipment, The Ultimate Solution


 DVRT Certification Workshop

Coach Larry Betz will be hosting a DVRT Workshop training here at Brooklyn Athletic Club.  A certified coach for Ultimate Sandbag Coach Larry will be leading the workshop and training on the various techniques ultimate sandbag has to offer.  This is for all up and coming fitness professionals and those willing to further their education level.


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The DVRT Certification isn't just information, but a trans-formative fitness experience. While learning over 40 dynamic DVRT exercises is exciting, it is the comprehensive system that makes DVRT something special! Providing you with assessment techniques, the secrets to giving a customized feeling even in group settings, and how to take the guess work out of exercise selection and programming, DVRT arms you with everything to revolutionize your own well being.