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2XU Compression, Fitness and Workout Gear + Introduction Event


Human Performance Multiplied


2XU's mission is to advance human performance through the development  of world-leading athletic garments.

Official 2XU triathlon, workout and compression clothing offer superior technology and fabrics to multiply your performance.

Heart No Hype

2XU creates compression gear that ensures proper warm up for all athletes, and they also carry pre and post natal compression gear! 2XU's graduated compression garments promote increased blood flow for faster warm up and greater oxygen to muscle tissue. This allows muscles to become more extensible for greater movement efficiency. 

Brooklyn Athletic Club will be hosting a special introduction event for 2XU. We welcome our entire community to come learn and experience 2XU's high performance gear for the athlete in you.  Throughout the duration of the event a 20% off gift card will be handed out for future purchases.

For more inquires email us at, meet with our front desk personnel or just click on the Sign Up button below.