Kettlebell Kitchen
We’re thrilled to offer our clients Kettlebell Kitchen meals! Made from 100% real foods, Kettlebell Kitchen uses the highest quality, fresh and local ingredients to provide optimal nutrition without the inflammatory effects of non-Paleo foods like grains, soy and dairy. We believe this type of eating will nourish our members’ bodies to help them perform and feel their best - bringing their training to the next level! 

S.W. Basics
S.W. Basics founder, Adina Grigore, makes her skincare products right here in Brooklyn. Made from scratch using only whole, high-potency,  impeccably and ethically sourced ingredients, S.W. Basics products make you look amazing and smell pretty with 5 ingredients or less. You won’t find cheap synthetics, strange chemicals or exotic fillers in this line of products. We use S.W. Basics in support of our community and because we love these products!

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Between You and the Moon
Between You and the Moon products, made in Brooklyn by Brooklyn Herborium founders Molly Watman and Emma Graves, compliment the natural balance of your skin. These products are sustainably developed using high quality ingredients that are botanically based, as organic as possible, fair trade when available, and gluten-free. There are no GMOs, petroleum derivatives, parabens, SLS, perfumes, colorants, or animal testing, ever.

Ultimate Sandbag DVRT
We’ve partnered with Ultimate Sandbag DVRT to give our members the best quality fitness sandbags in the industry. They are sturdy, comfortable, non-abrasive and offer more comfort and versatility.



CIS Training Systems Cycling Program
We’ve partnered with CIS Training Systems Cycling Program to offer our members access to the most effective cycling training and coaching program for riders of all skill levels. David Lipscomb, CIS Training System’s Founder and Head Coach, brings his expertise to BAC to help our members break down mental barriers, increase productivity and surpass their limitations to achieve their cycling and overall fitness goals.

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Mitch Haushult at Maximum Training Solutions.