Larry Betz has been committed to physical fitness since the age of 12, when he competed in two state championships as a high school gymnast. Larry continued pursuing his passion for fitness by studying numerous styles of martial arts. After years of martial arts studying and teaching, he became increasingly intrigued by the idea of improving health and performance through diet and exercise. That passion led him to search out the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

In 2004 Larry opened his first fitness center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and continued to study around the country. His studies and travel opened his eyes to the shift occurring in the fitness industry and the need for training in modalities not offered in the traditional gym model.

In 2010, Larry sold the shares of his first club and set out to open a training center that offered his clients the best training tools and coaches available. Larry set up shop at Betz Method Strength and Conditioning Studio where he perfected small group training and started designing programs for the new center. With the help of Paul Kostas and Mike Camarra, Larry put together a team of talented trainers for the new Brooklyn Athletic Club.


New York Institute of Technology-Bachelor of Science, National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Swedish Institute for Health Sciences

Course Sections Completed: Exercise Science/ Advanced personal training


Poliquin International Certification Program Level III Coach

BioSignature Modulation Practitioner/ BioSignature CEC (Level II0, Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) 

Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart

Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology - Program Advisory Committee Board Member

Jungle Gym XT Master Trainer – Monkeybar Gym

Functional Movement Screen level 2, Combine 360 – Certified Trainer

Training for Warriors – Level 2

Certified Natural Trainer - Monkeybar Gym, Level 1

Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) – Level 1 Instructor 

Kettlebell Concepts (KBC) – Kettlebells for Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation 

International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF) - Level 1 Instructor

Level II Fitness & Movement Dynamics Instructor, Level 2 Contributing Instructor

USA Weightlifting – Sports Performance Coach 

TRX Suspension Training – Certified, Battling Ropes – Level 1

Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Certified Holistic Health Counselor 

Titlest Performance – Level I Golf Fitness Instructor 

Power Plate - Level II Certified Trainer 

USA Powerlifting- Club Coach 

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) – Certified

High Intensity Training (with Dr. Ken Leistner) 

Crossfit – Level 1 Coach

Olympic Lifting Coach (with Coach Bergner)