Level 2 Group Training

Mondays - Saturdays
Various times

This circuit-based class combines both traditional and unconventional resistance training methods to incorporate gains in both strength and fat loss. We build upon the basic movements established in the Level 1 GT class with increased intensity, speed, and multi-directional movement.

Level 1 Group Training

Mondays - Saturdays
Various times

Focused on building a strong foundation for fundamental movement patterns, such as the squat, deadlift, and lunge as well as upper-body pushing and pulling movements. Members will be introduced numerous training modalities with increasing demands of conditioning.  Members may test out of Level 1 at anytime by attending a scheduled Level 1 Test-out Class.  It is strongly suggested that you attend at least two Level 1 classes before testing-out.  


Mondays - Saturdays
Various times

High Intensity Interval Training is a proven method to improve cardio-respiratory function and aid in fat loss. Class begins with a warm-up followed by agility and jump training that leads into a variety of fast paced intervals. Class ends with core work and a cool-down.


Tuesdays & Thursdays
8am - 9am, 6pm - 7pm


Coach Azuka will introduce trainees to a variety of training techniques to optimize maximal muscle growth. Following traditional splits, this class is open to lifters of all levels, seeking to train effectively for size and strength. It's like having a personal trainer but without the cost!

North Brooklyn Kettlebell Club

Tuesdays & Thursdays
8am - 9

Our Kettlebell class takes the basic movement patterns we use in everyday life and integrates them into a format that develops overall strength and athleticism. Learn how to swing, squat, press, and perform classic lifts for fat loss, power, and elasticity. 

Olympic Weightlifting

Mondays & Wednesdays (competition team)
7:45pm - 9:15pm

Tuesdays & Thursday (new members)


Saturdays (all team members)
7pm - 8:30pm

We offer a class specifically on the fundamentals of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Coach Joey Swidler and Coach Sarah Revenig lead this course for weightlifters from beginning to advanced levels.

If a person is more than ten minutes late or a coach is already through the warm-up a client may be turned away from a class.