How is the Brooklyn Athletic Club different?
Step into our training center and you’ll see right away that the Brooklyn Athletic Club is not a typical gym. The BAC is an athletic training center. Our specialty is training with our clients and assessing their needs on an individualized basis. We incorporate a professional sports weight room and field house into our facility and training process. An industry expert recently stated, “…if Equinox and Crossfit where to have a baby, it would be the Brooklyn Athletic Club."

How is BAC different than "Crossfit"?
Crossfit follows what is called a concurrent (conjugate) method of programming. That method of training looks to develop multiple strength qualities in a training session. According to Crossfit themselves, their “program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. [Thier] specialty is not specializing.” This style of training would be like trying to learn seven languages at once.

Our philosophy at the BAC is the exact opposite. We specialize is specifics and are masters of simple. In other words, we are uniquely focused on the building blocks of fitness at the core level. We believe our clients will get much better results with a more specific training method that specializes on each strength quality and we have found that developing each quality separately builds a much stronger foundation. This results in a highly specialized client, reduces injuries and allows for growth far beyond our competitors.

How are BAC Trainers different?
The personal trainer industry is currently unregulated. By hiring a trainer without checking the proper credentials, you’re taking a huge risk.

All of our trainers have gone through our unique 150 hour internship. They are all required to have a minimum of one national certification from the NSCA and many have formal degrees in exercise science.

Recognized with years of dedication to the industry, our Athletic Facility Director, Larry Betz, has been chosen by several organizations to be a Master Trainer. Through our years in the training community, we have built relationships with numerous accredited organizations and have become a center for hosting programs in fitness education, offering our trainers unparalleled continuing education.


What are the differences among all of our memberships?
At BAC we offer two types of memberships: Gym Memberships and Training Memberships. 

Our Gym Memberships provide access to our facility, much like a traditional gym. These memberships begin at $85/month. Gym Memberships include access to our Gym Floor for free weight, weight machine, and cardio equipment use; unlimited access to our group Pilates, Yoga, and Cycling classes;  locker room use, which includes our infrared saunas; and roof deck access. Full Access Gym Memberships begin at $135/month and include access to our endless pools, by reservation. Gym Memberships exclude access to our professional sports weight room and field house, except during special, open floor hours.

Our Training Memberships are centered on a specific program designed specially for each member by our Director of Personal Training. Our Director of Personal Training works with each member’s Trainer to implement a specialized program through one-on-one, semi-private, or group training sessions scheduled on a weekly basis. These Memberships vary based on the frequency you meet with your trainer and the size of the group you work in. Training Memberships also provide access to our entire facility and can include access to our triathlon training room and private infrared saunas.

Can I Buy a Membership Online?
Yes! Please click here to purchase a membership! You can also stop in, email or call to purchase a membership.
Once you become a member, you can use our website to reserve a spot in class, a specific bike in a cycling class, a pool session, a massage…whatever you like!

I forgot my B.A.C username and/or Password. What can I do?
Next time you attempt to log into our system, please click on the “Forgot Password” link and you will be prompted to create a new one. You can also stop in, email or call to create a new login.

How can I update my profile information?
You can update your profile information online by logging into our system with your unique login. You can also stop in, email or call to create a new login.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my current balance? 
You can check your balance information online by logging into our scheduling system. You can also stop in, email or call to ask about your current balance.

How do I freeze or cancel my membership?
To freeze or cancel your membership, please stop in to speak with a Manager and fill out the appropriate forms.

Can I purchase a BAC Gift Card?
Yes, we offer BAC gift cards! You may use BAC Gift Cards to purchase memberships, services, or products! Please stop in, email or call to purchase a gift card.

How do BAC Rewards work?
For every dollar you spend at BAC, on memberships, services and products, you earn $0.05! You also earn $50 every time you refer a new member and every time you book a class or appointment online, you receive $0.50!

You can use your rewards to pay for memberships, services, and products. These rewards expire after a year, so don’t forget to use them!