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Neurofacilitation for Better Movement

The brain is in charge. It’s that simple. If we want to improve movement, we must understand the brain and its role in creating, shaping and changing how we move.
Neurofacilitation, a term coined by Maximum Training Solutions, refers to the strategic, methodical process of stimulating the nervous system to make permanent plastic changes in the brain that shape how we think and move. This is neuroplasticity at its best.
Improving movement patterns is important for everyone. Movement quality not only improves a person’s quality of life, but recent research demonstrates that it also affects longevity and cognition. As professionals, our role is to get people out of pain and moving well, so then they can move often. We often think of improving movement by fixing a person’s structure, or “hardware”. While this is important for some, most people’s poor movement abilities are related to a “software” issue embedded somewhere in the complex motor control system. We will explore the nervous system’s impact on movement quality and demonstrate strategies to improve these patterns quickly and easily through facilitating the nervous system.

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