The Art of Upside Down

Yes, it's true...Inversions in yoga class may appear to be impossible or scary, they're actually pretty awesome to try out and have major benefits per the list below for your body! (source: Yoga

The key to mastering inversions is to have a confident, positive mindset like any other challenge you're looking to must believe in your own abilities going into it, and get trained by the right people (like our BAC teachers) who have experience to share.

Core Strength

Inversions require serious core strength, and thus with practice can help us build our abdominal and back muscles we need to hold the poses. This is great for folks with back pain and can help everyone to improve posture.

Circulate Your Blood

Inversions greatly improve your blood circulation simply because you're turned upside down, literally. This gives your brain more oxygen, which improves your cognitive functioning and enables circulation throughout all other areas in your body that may be lacking. (Just don't get up too quickly to avoid a terrible head rush!)

Quiet Your Mind

Inversions can do wonders to help you clear your head, as they require your full attention and focus to avoid falling over. If you can master inversions, you've figured out how to re-focus your thoughts and find your own version of calm. It's truly a talent to work towards acquiring! 

Balance Your Bod

Inversion means you have taken full control over your entire body, achieving balance which is easier said than done. By practicing inverted Yoga poses often, we move away from swaying trees, and transform into grounded individuals.

Interested in practicing your inversion poses with us? Check out our upcoming workshop, details below!


HOW TO PRACTICE INVERSION with Ola Widera: May 13th @ 11:00am - 1:00pm


Develop or sharpen you skills of inversion practice within an intimate and supportive group of BAC instructors. Topics include how to cultivate strength and flexibility, aligning shoulders, freeing wrists from pain and overcome the fear that often paralyzes us when we try to do handstand or headstand.

Every practitioner will be approached individually. We will use props and personal assist if needed to keep you safe!

Price for members: $15 until May 6th and 25$ after; Nonmembers $35 until May 6th and 45$ after.

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