Treat Yo'Self: Massage Therapy

Meet our Medical Massage Therapist: 

Michael Shapiro MS, LAT, LMT-BCSI, CLT, CES

Michael Shapiro is Founder of Integrative Medical Massage & Acupuncture Therapy PC, a partner of ours here at BAC. IMMA offers effective methods for upgrading your mind, body, and spirit. This is done with holistic therapies and health-style coaching which increase performance and vitality.

By decreasing stress, while increasing mobility & body consciousness, we create an internal environment for aging more gracefully, with freedom from pain, and swelling.

Michael practices through the model of structural integration, also commonly known as KMI or Rolfing. Structural integration a systematized program which works towards alignment of the body and mind.

This type of work is most appropriate in addressing:

  • pain
  • stress
  • chronic swelling
  • mobility
  • posture
  • increasing resiliency & vitality

There is a 100% guarantee of a healing experience – to be listened to and to upgrade function.

Treat Yo'self, Come on in and try it out today! You deserve it.

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