The Perks of PILATES

We are all trying to crush our own personal fitness goals...Whether it is a chiseled back, a sculpted booty, or perhaps it's simply health related, we all have attributes we're aiming to improve. With winter bulking season coming to an end, we give you the ultimate mind-body-soul food to change up your fitness regimen: PILATES. Here are some Pilates perks that we think are too good not to share.


Pilates will not be as difficult as advanced yoga, but you will find yourself in some awkward positions that force you to get out of your comfort zone and just stretch it out. 

However corny this may sound, you want your body to bend and stretch with the flow of life. The more flexible you are, the more comfortable you will feel in everything that you do.  No more pulling out your back while carrying the groceries in, or lying in bed all night tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable.         


Pilates are all about the coordination of the mind, body, and spirit. It is practiced by executing each movement with total concentration and focus. When we exercise like this, the body and the mind team up to give you the most beneficial work out possible.

Pilates also has 6 key concepts in play: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow. These Pilates principals are responsible for giving you that invigorating workout that you just can’t get from a standard cardio/strength gym session.

Pilates shows you how to inhale spirituality and exhale all the BS. It is truly amazing how a bit of concentration and controlled breathing can connect your mind, body and spirit.


Pilates is a whole-body exercise, so every single part of your body is strained and stretched in order to give you the fullest, most effective workout possible. This is very different from normal weight training where you just pick a single muscle group or two and focus on that for an entire whole workout. 

This idea of training allows a more full and balanced workout, improving your overall athletic capabilities including muscle tone, flexibility, agility, and a fuller mind body spirit awareness.  With Pilates, you can achieve a level of integrative fitness which is nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

Unlike so many other forms of exercise, Pilates does not over-develop any portion of your body while neglecting others. Instead, it trains your body as a whole, promoting strength and very balanced muscle development, resulting in a more aesthetic and attractive you.


Don't kid yourself, one of the major perks of staying fit is looking good and feeling better.

Most Pilate exercises work out your butt and core. After a few Pilates workouts, you will notice that you are cutting down on the flab and toning all over.

Pilates are much more than picking heavy things up and putting them down. It is a physical routine that requires the 6 essential Pilates Principles and an iron will to give it everything you’ve got for that physique you so desire.

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