Meal Planning for BAC Beginners

Many people go through their day fueling their bodies based on foods that are convenient, without considering the massive benefits of a nutritious diet. While it's easier to choose processed foods, fast foods, because of our busy lifestyles, our bodies ultimately pay for it and our hard work at the gym won't measure up.

We all know the truth is, our diet not only affects our physical image, but moreover how we feel every single day. If you eat junk on a regular basis, chances are you will feel like junk as well.  Meal prepping is a great way to cook up delicious foods, all at one time, and ration portions out for every meal of the day.  It is a simple component of leading a healthy life that may seem a bit overwhelming for newcomers, so below are some tips on meal planning for all of our BAC beginners.


When you shop for your first meal planning session don’t overdo it! Stick to the basics, things that are easy to prepare and will taste good after weeks of being frozen. 

We love broccoli, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, white meat chicken, 99% lean ground beef and turkey, whole grain rice, and squash.

Remember, we’re going healthily economical; meals that are easy to prepare and healthy, not budget-breaking gourmet (unless you're into that).


Once you’ve stocked up on the ingredients, it’s time to get busy in the kitchen. First you’re going to want to cook all of your meats. With chicken, we suggest wrapping it completely in aluminum foil with cut up lemons, jalapenos, and onions with plenty of seasonings for extra flavor. Cook until tender and juicy until there is no pink in the middle. Then prepare the veggies by boiling them with a bit of salt, (except for the sweet patotoes, you’re going to want to bake those.) Prepare the rice and you should have your meal prep near the finish line!


Now that your scrumptious food is ready, it’s time for a taste test to see how easy it is to be a culinary master.

After you’ve reveled at your incredible culinary capabilities, it’s time to put your masterpiece away for safe-keeping. For this, you will need to purchase Ziploc containers. This could be a week or even a month’s worth of food, all about your personal preference and if you have the freezer space.

You should portion an even amount of veggies and meat with an added carb like rice or sweet potatoes into each Ziploc container. These foods contain all of the essential building blocks for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Next, you will place all but your first 3-5 days worth of food into your FREEZER so nothing goes rotten. Rotate the food from the freezer to the fridge appropriately to make sure you’re not biting into frozen chicken for your next meal.


Meal prepping and eating a balanced, healthy diet isn’t a hobby or fad; it’s a way of life. If you want to get fit and crush your goals, it’s going to take a change or improvement of mindset and habits...and more at-home cooking!

This means hard work and dedication, and a good start is pre-planning and prepping your meals. Do your best to stick with your meal plans, live an active lifestyle, stay motivated and if you veer off track, just remember when it's you against yourself, you can't lose. 

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