How To: Stay FIT on Vacation

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Vacations are THE BEST. No one disagrees. Imagine it now: Time away from your grinding job, annoying neighbors, intrusive family (or anyone else who may geographically bother you), all while enjoying a beautiful, exciting new environment.

This also means time away from the gym. Don't kid yourself...who is intensely health conscious on vacation? As you know, it takes a lot of time and dedication to attain your dream bod,y but a week long vacation can set you back in an instant. So here are five simple steps to stay fit-conscious during your getaway. (while still enjoying yourself!).


We all like to stock up on snacks before a long plane ride or road trip. Try packing healthier alternatives in advance such as nuts, protein bars, or any kind of dried jerky. This will keep your stomach from grumbling and keep you feeling energetic and alert instead of sluggish and bloated. 

If you are road-tripping you can even pack a cooler which gives you even more options such as fresh fruits and veggies, hard boiled eggs, sandwiches and even protein shakes. Throw some water bottles in the freezer before your departure so you can enjoy nice cold water on the way instead of making pit stops for sugary sodas and energy drinks.


Don’t rely on restaurants for every meal while you're away. The food prepared at restaurants tends to be a lot more calorie dense and loaded with sugars and fats, not to mention very costly.

As soon as you touchdown, locate the nearest supermarket and stock up on quick-and-easy dry foods. If your hotel or condo has a fridge, even better, load up with nutritious fruits and veggies that are easy to grab and eat on the go. 

Make sure to grab some instant oatmeal to eat for breakfast. It is packed with nutrients and carbs to start your day off right and fuel you with energy to get the most out of your day.


Traveling can dehydrate you. You will most likely be moving, checking out the new scenery and soaking up that tropical sunshine, so make sure to pack plenty of water bottles before you go adventure.

Dehydration drains you of energy and can commonly be mistaken for hunger. A good way to check is by the color of your pee, pale yellow is good, dark is bad.


If you want to come home looking the same as when you left, you’re going to have to burn off as many calories as you take in.

This means if you give in to a pulled pork sandwich and two lava cakes for dessert, you’ll have to take yourself on a power walk after dinner and a morning jog the day after before your day gets started.  

Make things easier on yourself by incorporating physical activity into your daily routine while on vacation. Swim in the pool, find a local hiking trail to adventure on, or explore the city on foot instead of wasting money on Uber. When it comes to maintaining that bod on vacation, every little step counts. So, get out there and burn some calories.


Okay, most of us like to drink alcohol, especially on vacation! But beer, wine, and mixed drinks all pack a high calorie punch and like to break down into sugar when digested by the human body. This means more calories we need to burn off, which may be hard to keep up with depending on the amount of drinks we guzzle down.

Sip smarter! go for a low-calorie beer and keep the drinks to a minimum.  All the empty calories are just not worth it, and it will make getting up for that early bird workout that much more difficult. 

So remember, prepare for your trip, hit the supermarket as soon as you settle in, drink plenty of h2o, burn off those pesky calories and if you sip, sip smarter. Keep that calorie balance in the back of your head, but don’t let it get in the way of having fun. Catch yourself a tropical tan and you might just come back looking even better then when you left. Most importantly, have FUN!

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