Catch the Beat: The Benefits of Spinning

So what's all the hype around Spinning you ask? With the lights down low, amped music blasting, and other class-goers cycling around you, the intense vibe at a spin class can be perfect for someone who struggles to find the inner-motivation to kick their workout into high-gear.  

Here are some reasons to give spinning a go this winter:


As we discussed in our last post on swimming, those nagging injuries make certain workouts frustrating.  Running on a treadmill or weight-lifting may leave you struggling with joint soreness for days, even weeks after a workout.  You may desperately want to get back into the gym but it is downright painful. Why not try a low-impact spin class which will probably burn as many if not more calories, around 500 a class, then other workouts, but will not be as trying on your joints?

When cycling, your upper and lower body develop a rhythm that keeps you in constant motion.  Have an old knee injury?  Keep your legs symmetrically tracking with each pedal and you will actually strengthen the tendons around your injury.  Have an ankle injury?  By keeping your legs locked in place there will be no destabilizing movements that could lead to aggravation of your injury.


Along with the calories you burn, spin classes benefit our health in several other ways.  Cycling over an extended period of time will not only build muscular endurance but will improve cardiovascular health and lung capacity.  As we build muscular endurance and are physically able to cycle for longer periods of time, we begin to naturally control our breathing.  This allows us to exert ourselves more yet keep our heart rate at a healthier level.

There are also significant mental health benefits to extended cycling.  Some avid spinners I know have told me that no medicine, therapy, or exercise helped to relieve their anxiety more than the spin class they attend.  Also, according to a study by Dr. Art Kramer out of the University of Illinois, cycling can lead to improvements in cognition, brain function, and brain structure.  Reason enough?


Yes, a reason to give that local spin class a try, is in fact the vibe.  Sometimes it is difficult to motivate yourself when you are working out at the gym doing your own thing.  You may find it easier to have people working out with you. Many people push themselves harder when they workout around others almost instinctually.  For some it may be due to a competitive spirit, and for others it may be due to a natural camaraderie arising out of a shared goal or shared struggle.

Also, spin classes are known for high intensity music.  Research shows that music unleashes certain emotions and energies that otherwise may be contained or muffled by monotonous routines, you know, normal life stuff.  With the group providing motivation, and music providing energy, you may find yourself putting in effort you never knew you had.


Not only are spin instructors known to be in great shape and knowledgeable about proper form and optimal exercise regimentation, but they are also skilled at distracting you.  Why is that a good thing? Because, as opposed to running on a treadmill alone for instance, the time flies by.  Instructors use visualization techniques and positive language that can almost make you forget that you are working out.  

When it comes to cycling, form is important.  If done the right way with proper form, a spin class can be an effective total body workout especially for the lower body and abdominal region.  A spin instructor is there to help, and if you find that you are not getting enough out of the workout they will demonstrate how to maximize the burn! If maximizing the burn isn’t quite what you are looking for right now, no worries.  Spin classes are meant for everyone, allowing you to progress at your own rate.

Give it a spin this winter, while it is too cold to ride your bike around outside. Spin classes can be great as the staple of your workout routine or as a complement to your current regimen.  

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