5 Tips For a Healthier Thanksgiving (without depriving yourself)

According to the Calorie Control Council (CCC), many people consume over 4,500 calories during a Thanksgiving gathering. WOW is right. For the average female, that's about two and a half days worth of food intake.

I know, no one can believe this week is Thanksgiving, and we all know what that means—good times, with friends and family…and lots of food and drinking!

While our Thanksgiving holiday is centered around the food and drink, good health doesn't have to go out the window. Below are a few tips to stay fit and happy during the holiday, without depriving yourself!


Many are tempted to skip their usual early breakfast to save room for the calories ahead. BAD MOVE. You will want to spark your metabolism like normal with a healthy, light breakfast so that you aren’t famished and then over-indulge later.


If you wouldn't typically skip your workout as part of your weekly regimen, then why miss out on a holiday when you're about to enjoy yourself? Work in a nice work out if possible, even if it's a 5k race you plan in advance or a power walk outside with friends and family (an intense game of backyard football is always an option, too). Rather than sitting around after you have your Turkey, get up and grab your family for a walk, it will help make a little room for desert.


Staying hydrated is hard enough on a regular Thursday, let alone when you throw tons of salt, family conversations and potential cocktails into the mix. Start the hydration process first thing in the morning with 2 big glasses of water. This will also help you cut down on over-eating. Be sure to drink lots of in between, and limit the alcohol intake to avoid liquid calories and dehydration. Your body will thank you later!


We know--it's so tempting to cut loose and go wild with the amount of appetizers offered at Thanksgiving. From cheese and crackers to dips and soups, the choices are endless! Be mindful of what you're consuming and leave room for the main course. Otherwise, you'll be in a food coma before you even have your turkey (and probably asleep shortly after!). During the main course, watch the side dishes—this is where there are a ton of hidden calories.


All best practices aside, don't forget that it's YOUR holiday, and YOUR body. Don't deprive yourself of your grandma's famous apple pie, or feel sad because you REALLY want that cup of spiked cider but you're miserably talking yourself out of it. Enjoy everything in moderation, and then jump back on the wagon when it's over. 

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