Meet The Man Behind BAC: Larry Betz

What are your role and responsibilities at BAC? 

As the Owner and Director, I get involved in every aspect of the gym! From folding towels, to fixing the saunas, training clients, or coaching a small group, I take on whatever needs to be done in the moment.

How would you describe your philosophy on health and fitness? 

This is an ever-evolving topic, because what I did in my 30’s is different then what I did in my 40’s, and now in my 50’s, my philosophy is still changing. 

I would advise not to follow the latest trend unless it's definitely a fit for you, be consistent, be smart, and good movement is good movement. Don’t over do anything.

How did you get started creating your passion that is your profession today? 

My passion began when I joined the 7th grade boys' gymnastic team and competed through my senior year of high school.

Then I started training in Martial Arts which ultimately led me to strength training. I was fascinated by the science behind training and working with all levels of clients.

Who gives you the most inspiration? 

My daughter inspires me everyday. 

She was diagnosed with type one diabetes at 11- months-old and has dealt with other health issues. She is a strong girl, and I know that she is going to do great things.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of the gym? 

I like to Ruck, I like a little challenge. My buddy and I will load up a backpack (ruck) with anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds, grab a cup of coffee and walk & talk about family, friends and life. 

It is a nice way to socialize and get your heart rate up a bit. It also helps get you ready for the ever-looming zombie apocalypse!

What’s one of your recommended weeknight dinners for those who are trying to live lean? 

Living lean is really a lifestyle matter, versus a single meal choice. Firstly, in my experience, you will never get lean if you drink alcohol. Most of my weeknight meals consist of a lean protein and vegetables. 

I just recently cut out all gluten including my favorite beer, ugh.

What’s the one exercise that you swear by to feel instantly better and energized? 

Well this depends on who is in front of me, and what they need. Client needs are always before the best exercise (which is dead-lifting, just saying!).

How does your technique and BAC workouts differentiate from others out there? 

Our training staff is really fantastic. We are firm believers that our clients must earn the right to go faster or heavier, so if we see an exercise executed incorrectly and it can’t be fixed with a verbal coaching queue, we immediately scale down the exercise to ensure proper form and client safety. 

Safety isn't super sexy, but if you have ever gotten injured, you appreciate this as much as we do!

Where do you see yourself and BAC in 2017? 

Our Semi-Private Training program is exploding! It is definitely our differentiator and our future.

When I work 1v1 with a client, there is a lot of down-time. Whereas, working with 3-4 people, I can coach everyone, and there is no loss of training experience in that hour. The best hour you will spend training is with a small group of your local neighborhood friends, getting work done together.

Check out some of our videos and see for yourself!

What is the difference between training a high-level athlete and everyone else? 

Professional Athletes can have million-dollar contracts. They are training to get better at their job, not to get wrecked in the weight room. 

People have a misconception on what the pro's do in our gym. Their programs are to prevent injuries, get stronger and train their energy systems optimally for their sport. We handle all of our clients like they are professional athletes.

What advice can you give to someone who is considering a trainer for the first time? 

I recommend you judge a trainer based on their experience, referrals, education and certifications--NOT their social media sites. 

Visit the location and see if their culture, community and philosophy work for you. Any trainer can make you tired, but a trainer that coaches you with good queue’s, and can adjust a regimen to work for your body in particular is far better than a cheerleader telling you to push harder, regardless of what the movement looks like. 


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